I'm R Harishankar

born and raised in Chennai,
Southern part of India

I escort language indoctrination,
Superpower of Visualizations and
Acceleration of Positive Vocabulary.

About Me

English & Tamil Language Instructor and Coach of visualization Technics & Positive vocabulary

Hello, I am a Language Educator and life coach, I Enlighten English and Tamil language training, results of visualization and important of positive vocabulary classes. I drive one to one and group training classes to Teachers, Lecturers, Business owners, Politicians, Lawyers, Actors, Costume designers, Stunt directors, Film producers, Homemakers, Students, Employees and Foreign citizens.

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Law of attraction & vibration

How to use law of attraction in your business,career,studies,health,wealth and relationship?
How Law of attraction works?
What secret book and movie taught us?
what are the major points to implement in secret?
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Recognition & Awards.



"I understand all the class and very useful for me the English classes you are in amazing trainer and you only deserve the best."


Attended-Spoken English

"Fantastic session. His way of teaching was excellent and different from others so Beginner can catch quickly."


Attended-Spoken English

"Unbelievable experience in learning spoken english classes. Easy learning in my mother language. No fear when Hari here."


Attended-Spoken English

"The class was very useful and the teaching was very good. Developed vocabulary and spoken english well."


Attended-Spoken English

"I have attended the classes for 1 month only. I learnt a lot from the classes . While i was attending , i did not know. How to speak and How to write a paragraph in english. After Completing the classes. I have cleared two interviews at a time. About Sir, He is a friend to all. Excellent Coaching based on your ability. Thank you sir. Because of you only I am here."


Attended-Spoken English

"Such a great class. Before attending this class. I felt that I am lacking in the English language. But now I feel immense improvement in English speaking skills."


Attended-English Training

"Such a great experience. At first i was not sure that i could speak english correctly. But after attended the first class, my way of approaching each and every thing is entirely different. He had taught me the very basic and clear view on spoken English. The syllabus he had framed was very much interesting and the homework he had given was inevitable. Accept challenge and get out of fear is his policy. Happy that i have found a good master for English. "

Dhivya Rubavathy

Attended-Spoken English

"If you want to improve your English language proficiency, then just join his course. You not only able write and speak confidently, but also to identify the parts of the speech anywhere written in English. Hari's syllabus and course structure are very simplified which helped me to learn quickly in this fast world. "


Attended-Spoken English

"He is a good soft skill and English trainer.he is following some easy method to teach english communication."

Siddheshwaran muthusamy

Attended-English Training

"I came here with zero confidence to this academy but now going out with full of confidence. The credit goes to Hari Tutor.The classes are very good and well organised."

Sridhar N e

Attended-Spoken English

"It was a great experience learning from you sir. I loved the way you translated english to tamil and taught me. Thank you so much sir for the knowledge that you provided to me. "

Aswin Kumar r

Attended-English Training

"My teacher was so excellent, highly knowledgeable very hard worker, the class was highly useful, thank you for teaching. I finished my class with foundation class. Thank you."

J Srinivasan

Attended-English Training

"His teaching method was very different and easy. I felt both comfortable and easy in learning English with him. Thank you so much for your support. Highly recommended to all."


Attended-Spoken English

"Such a good experience and the course simple says wow. The module was excellent. The way of approach to speak and write is amazing. I strongly recommendr this training for others."


Attended-English Training

"Hari Shankar Sir took lot of effort to assess my knowledge and customised the training to suit my requirement. He was very patient and provided enough opportunity to learn at my own pace. He was punctual and finished the course on rime. Thank you Sir."


Attended-English Training

"Good performance in Spoken English good knowledge and experience and excellent. My daughter knowledge is improving."

Raj Mahesh

Attended-Spoken English

"Amazing trainer. And perfect on timing and discipline. I learn alot from Hari sir. Thank you so much sir."


Attended-English Training

"Excellent coach and grammar was trained by master in easy method. Thank you for provided good and excellent master for my English coaching class. Thank you for urban pro."

Sathiya Seela

Attended-English Training

"Mr. Hari's class was great. I got more confident on my english writing and speaking skills."


Sensiple India Pvt Ltd OMR, chennai

"I used to make lot of mistakes in emails, after this class, my mails are perfect. Thanks Hari".


Cognizant OMR, Thoraipakkam,chennai

"Teaching Method was so easy and friebdly so that I picked up well"


Tata consultancy Velachery, chennai

"After this class I could interact with US and UK clients"


V craft Ekaduthangal, Chennai

"I went to Chicago, America without any language fear because of Mr. Hari's language Training"


Photon InfoTech chennai

"I got promotion for better English speaking skills from Tata group. Million thanks to Hari sir."


Tata eye plus, chennai

"I have changed lot in terms of usage of vocabularies . I Love Hari's Training."

Christopher Tony

CRCL LLP, Chennai

My blogs

Power of positive vocabulary

Power of positive vocabulary

As you become more aware of your thoughts, actions and words, it gets easier and easier to spot the negativity that you inadvertently put out. You then start choosing those thoughts, actions and words which leave you feeling good towards yourself and others.Some people do not realize the words they use and how these words affect them. An example that always called my attention is the typical British response to "How are you?": most people I have met reply "Not too bad, thanks".

I thought, "Not too bad? Then there's some degree of 'badness'? Why not say "I'm Excellent, thanks" instead?

When I started to become aware of the words I used, I consciously chose to use positive words more often. The books I was reading at the time offered me a number of positive words that I included in my vocabulary. I have compiled a list of positive words for you which offers you a large range of words beyond the classical "good", "great","marching ahead" and "positive".

5 february 2019
Power of visualization

Power of visualization

You may have heard people say, "I can't imagine. They are never, ever going to achieve these things because they are not capable of imagining themselves achieving them. Everything that was ever created or achieved first started as an idea in someone's mind. Usually in response to some need or some desire, an idea took hold and the person began focusing mental energy on it. The idea built on itself as the mental energy became infused with emotions. This created a massive desire and the person's mind went into overdrive looking for ways to marry the vision with physical reality.

Ideas of "how" and "when" were generated based on that initial visualization… and this snowballed until… the chair you're sitting on was designed built; the keyboard on your computer was designed and built; the music on your iPod was written, rehearsed and recorded; your favorite perfume or cologne was crafted…

Every idea you put on paper or read contains a mental image that is a composite of pictures, feelings, imagined sensory experiences, etc. In fact, your mind is creating images right now based on what you are reading here. Right now, you are visualizing! In fact, you visualize when you worry. We're all pretty good at that one, aren't we? You can take that mental ability to visualize the worst case scenario and transform it into a powerful manifesting tool. Once you learn to put the power of visualization to work, you are able to create whatever you desire.

15 March 2019
Why employees need training?

Why employees need training?

Training of employees takes place after orientation takes place. Training is the process of enhancing the skills, capabilities and knowledge of employees for doing a particular job. Training process moulds the thinking of employees and leads to quality performance of employees. It is continuous and never ending in nature.

Importance of Training Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well.

Training is given on four basic grounds:

  • New candidates who join an organization are given training. This training familiarize them with the organizational mission, vision, rules and regulations and the working conditions.
  • The existing employees are trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge.
  • If any updations and amendments take place in technology, training is given to cope up with those changes. For instance, purchasing a new equipment, changes in technique of production, computer implantment. The employees are trained about use of new equipments and work methods.
  • When promotion and career growth becomes important. Training is given so that employees are prepared to share the responsibilities of the higher level job.

12 April 2019

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